Dunblane Event 2022

The 2022 Dunblane Event will take place on Saturday 27 August at Dunblane High School.

The theme this year is, ‘Cross Purposes – Christian priorities in a Shaken World’, where we will explore areas that have caused the world to be shaken. We will focus on Four “C’s namely Covid, Climate, Conflict and the Cost of Living. We also hope the day will help people to consider revitalisation of their churches in this context. Through the whole day we hope to stretch people’s imaginations as to what can be done and consider what God is already doing and hopefully this will encourage us to be open to new things which may even make us feel uncomfortable.

The keynote speaker will be Rev Peter Turnbull, Burghead Free Church of Scotland who will speak on the theme Church Renewal and Revitalisation.

Worship will be led by Clifford Haxton, Music Director of New Craig Community Church, Motherwell.

As well as eleven workshops to choose from there will be separate programmes for under 5’s, for P1 – P6 and for those in P7 – S4 led by experienced leaders.

Bookings should be made in advance for these various programmes so we can ensure there are sufficient leaders and resources for them.

Please use the appropriate forms below

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