Moderator of the General Assembly

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Free Church is not the leader of the United Free Church of Scotland, nor is the Moderator the head of the Church: that belongs to Jesus Christ. The role is an honorary one, held for 12 months after chairing the General Assembly. He or she is ultimately responsible for travelling as a United Free Church representative in Scotland, other parts of the UK and overseas in an ambassadorial capacity. Every Moderator carries out a series of visits to several United Free Churches. The Moderator of the 2018 General Assembly is Mr John Cross and can be contacted at Moderator

Principal Clerks

The role of the Principal Clerks is to act as the Clerks to the General Assembly, which includes advising the Assembly and the Moderator on church practice and procedure. They also serve as ex officio members of all the Committees of the General Assembly. The Principal Clerks also supports the Moderator throughout the year as well as providing training courses and advice on practice and procedures to Kirk Sessions, Presbyteries, ministers and other church bodies. The current Clerks are Rev Martin C Keane and Rev Colin C Brown who can be contacted at Principal Clerks

General Secretary

The General Secretary of the United Free Church of Scotland provides the administrative support to the Committees of the General Assembly and the day to day administration of the wider denomination. The current General Secretary Rev John Fulton who took up this role in 1994. Prior to that Mr Fulton was minister of Croftfoot United Free Church from 1977 until 1994. Any questions, or communications should be addressed to the General Secretary, 11 Newton Place, Glasgow, G3 7PR. General Secretary Tel: 0141 332 3435 Fax 0141 333 1973

General Assembly Committees

Administration & Finance 
Convener: Rev D Campbell
Vice-Convener: Rev I Boa

Church & Society
Convener: Mr I Buchanan
Vice-Convener: Rev E Worton

Christian Education & Evangelism
Convener: Rev Dr D Miller
Vice-Convener: Rev R Owens

Convener: Rev A Ford
Vice-Convener: Mr A Scott

Convener: Mr J Cross
Vice-Convener: Rev N Owens

Ecumenical Relations
Convener: Rev. A Ritchie
Vice-Convener: Rev A Deacons


Convener: Rev G Barclay
Vice-Convener: Rev D Whitty

Women's Home and Overseas
Convener: Miss J Ramsay
Vice-Convener: Mrs I Martin

Ministry Development Worker
Rev. A Ritchie